New Turbine Workshop

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New Turbine Workshop

Liberate yourself! Become a power producer!



NOW SHOWING at the New Turbine Workshop! - free video for non-members

Tesla Turbogenerator LIVE!

Build from plans - currently there are projects underway in Pakistan, Pennsylvania & Arizona. Free Energy SOLAR FUSION power for a secure future!

New Turbine Workshop Projects



Wind turbine tower goes up!

NEW! Personal wind turbine project now underway! - Also solar tracking for the NTW trough.

Ken Rieli's DIY 7-inch Tesla Turbogenerator

Tesla turbogenerator construction tips

Solar trough construction A-Z

DIY solar trough

Biomass furnace/geothermal project

Biomass furnace with geothermal storage


Solar Fusion! Compressed air! Steam!

Those who ordered the 7” turbogenerator or the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD are building the unit featured on our “New Turbine Workshop”. Follow along & learn how to build & connect Ken Rieli’s turbogen in a complete DIY closed-loop solar ORC or biomass steam-loss power system.

  • Learn how to power your turbogenerator using various heat sources!
  • Learn turbogenerator construction, how to build the front end (e.g. solar troughs), solar tracking, power management, and more...
  • More how-to videos are in the works.

Sustainable energy solutions

for the engineers of tomorrow!

Not familiar with wiring? - Designer & NTW instructor Ken Rieli will cover subjects you need to know as we build together.

Don’t have access to machine tools? - Check out our PTBC Resources page or your local machine shops.

Open to ALL!

The New Turbine Workshop is no longer password protected. Learn at your own pace, then order the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD plans when you’re ready to build your turbogenerator.


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