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Steam turbine multi-port nozzles explained

Steam turbogenerator project videos, live interviews with turbine designer Ken Rieli.


PTBC Article Archives

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2001 Articles

PTBC 1a  pdf_file03-  More... Tesla turbine introduction,  recycled engine case Tesla turbine project, engine case selection,  bearings, shaft basics, introduction to hot rotors, hot rotor case,  lubrication, energetic fluids, nozzle construction, pulse combustion,  combustor sequencer

2002 Articles

Tesla disc design vs. Phoenix  winglet design, fuels experiments, combustion models, pulse combustor  wiring diagram, Tesla turbine disc spacing, disc geometry, horsepower,  torque

2003 Articles

10" Experimenter's Tesla  Turbines, kits, construction details, jet oiling system, bearings, nozzle design,  nozzle efficiency, analysis of impulse turbines, reaction turbines &  Tesla disk turbines, waste oil generator system design, boiler basics

2004 Articles

Free Energy Plan,  constructing parabolic dish solar reflectors, anatomy of two-axis  mounts, Curnutt solar furnace basics, closed-loop solar turbogenerator,  heat recovery Tesla Turbine project, 6" Tesla turbine designs,  opposed bearings vs. stacked plates, parabolic troughs to produce steam

2005 Articles

Solar dish aiming &  tracking, hardware, software, schematics, embedded microprocessors, New  Life for an Old Engine Case project, introduction of 4.5"  Experimenter's Tesla Turbine

2006 Articles

Energy independence, 4.5" Experimenter's Tesla Turbine  applications, oiling system details, DIY CAD CD introduction, New Energy  Workshop open house, air-pressurized oil jet system for Tesla turbine bearings,  "perfect" nozzle

2007 Articles

Gas turbine challenge, green wood chip furnace, momentum of matter,  turbine efficiencies, compressor types & efficiencies, Nikola Tesla's  favorite projects, EV conversions, Fiero HEV retrofit project, pulse  detonation turbine build

2008 Articles

Annual PTBC newsletter: HEV power management system verification, ORC organic Rankine cycle Tesla turbogenerator builds, PTBC Turbogen Beta test program; Combustion/vacuum driven Tesla Turbine project utilizing the valvular conduit & Rhodes/Browns gas as fuel

2009 Articles

2009 Turbogenerator Revolution! New Turbine Workshop, New Turbine Power, Shop Talk, Tesla Turbine: Digital Engine for the Digital Age, Change Must Come from Within, Incredible Lies!, My Tesla Turbogenerator, Computer Numerical Control Basics, Analysis & Construction of a Tesla Turbine , Generating CNC Code, Energy has a dark side - choose the light! CNC Software The Energy Efficiency Challenge, Tesla Turbogenerator: New Oiling System, Tesla Corner, Tesla Turbine Q&A, Hobby Time, Societal Truth or Absolute Truth, Scientists of God, New Industrial Revolution, Heat Process Interference Fitting

2010 Articles

A Decade in Review, A Decade in Preview, Personal Power Revolution: Tesla Turbogenerator CD, Latter Days of Nuclear Energy, Form a Local Club! Tesla Turbogenerator Batch Manufacturing, DIY Solar Tesla Turbogenerator Plans CD, Improved Experimenter’s Tesla Turbine Plans! Waking up from the Deep Sleep: Why retirement is the best thing that can happen to you, Peak Natural Gas, Earth Chronicles: Extraterrestrials set the pace for self-determination, DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project: Rare Earth Permanent Magnets, Why Nuclear War will be Good for the Planet, Exposing the Frackers, Spinning in Texas by Steven Littlejohn, Club donates CD to “God’s Mountain”, New Turbine Workshop Videos, Photovoltaics – the Dirty Solar Technology, New Turbine Workshop Photos, Capital Gains: Beneath the Surface of the Gulf Oil Disaster, How the Fossil Fuel Cartel Killed the Global Economy, Rise of the Counter Culture: Doing More with Less, Machinists for your DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project, Greentech News: A Solar Saudi Future, New Turbine Workshop: Ken’s DIY Biomass Reactor Project, Time for the Horizontal Economy, China’s Future: Can they overcome the coal cartel?, Judge for yourself: Corruption in high places, Tesla Corner, Tesla Turbogenerator Q&A ... MORE!

2011 Articles

New Turbine Workshop classes begin, Ken’s geothermal biofurnace project update, Tesla Turbine Q&A, wind turbine project, solar trough project, Power Missionaries, Hemp - forbidden resource, natural gas frackers, wars for oil, videos

2012 Articles

Do-it-yourself wound vac, solar tracking, DIY Tesla Turbogenerator project in Pakistan, Power Missions, Dedicated to Wind, rare earth permanent magnets, Tesla pumps for de-watering mines, water-powered Tesla turbines, Experimenter’s 4.5” Tesla Turbine project in Pennsylvania

2013 Articles

Jet exhaust for biomass furnace tested, Experimenter’s Tesla Turbine CD Worldwide Give-away!, wind turbine tower video, Rebuilding the Copper Country through Democratic Industries




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