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Nikola Tesla

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Answers to your questions about Tesla turbines & the DIY Tesla turbogenerator featured on our plans CD.  TESLA TURBINE FAQ


Machinists for your Tesla Turbogenerator Project

We are willing to run small jobs. On our water jet we have no set up charge and frequently run one off/prototype orders. The CNC mill and lathe are a little more involved as far as setup goes, but from what I’ve seen so far, the parts (on the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator CD) are fairly basic in design. You may post my contact info for other builders.

John Irwin

Riverside, California USA

I have worked with several of the machine shops in Rockford, IL and would be willing to serve as a “clearing house” for the machining of parts.  I would be able to machine some parts and others I would subcontract.

Leonard (Len) Salvig, President
RE Powered Inc.
8323 Grange Hall Rd.
Garden Prairie, IL 61038
EMAIL: RE Powered



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