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Tesla Turbine Plans! Components!

Liberation technologies, Solar Turbogenerator PLANS

FREE & low-cost plans to build garage-level green industries! Now ONLY available through our sponsor, Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.

This is the place for do-it-yourself’ers who are looking for Tesla turbine plans for alternative energy projects.


Clearance sale! Only one Tesla turbogenerator left!

12/28/14 - We have one 7-inch pressurized gas Tesla turbogenerator in the shop  that is 75% completed. Custom designed by Ken Rieli, the unit can be finished & shipped for $15,000 USD. - View photos & details here.

  • Do-it-yourself solar steam/ORC/compressed air Tesla turbogenerator plans CD
    • Includes plans for small compressed air Experimenter’s Tesla Turbine
  • Free! Engine of the 21st Century - Worldwide Giveaway! 4.5” Experimenter’s Tesla Turbine plans!
  • Clearance sale! Ken Rieli’s Tesla Turbogen for sale!
  • 4.5 inch Tesla Turbine Rotor Sets - SOLD OUT!!
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Tesla turbines

Power Missions

We sponsor Christian missionaries, relief workers & those who help the poor with their energy needs through our Power Missionaries Program. - If you are working with impoverished people & want to help them build a more sustainable lifestyle, tell us about your project/missionary activities. In exchange for your story, we will email you a ZIP file copy of our DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD Our technical know-how will make a difference in your village electrification project.


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