Power Missionaries

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Power Missionaries program

Power Missionaries program

We sponsor Christian missionaries, relief workers & those who help the poor with their energy needs - through our technical know-how.

To qualify for our "Power Missionaries" program, send us  your shipping address and a short description & photos of your activities for publication in our newsletter & website.

In  exchange for your story, we will email a ZIP file copy of our DIY Tesla  Turbogenerator Project CD. You will then automatically be admitted to our New Turbine Workshop program.

This is not a "quick fix" off-the-shelf turbogenerator.  We're building the complete solar trough and steam/ORC turbine generator system - one step at a time. You will need access to a machine shop in order  to build the 1-kW pressurized gas turbogenerator from the plans on the CD.

Check out the New Turbine Workshop site at http://newturbine.phoenixnavigation.com for more information and send us your story.

Ken & Pam Rieli


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