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Walter Englert


Lake George, NY - 05/25/12 I would very much like to join your organization. These types of technologys will greatly benefit not only the ordinary man but those not capable of of helping themselves. Thank You.

Michael Eisenman


Spokane, WA - 04/29/12 I would like to join your group and learn more of your activities and projects. My projects have been for more northern climates and I need to consider any extreme heat issues - so I thought your site was perfect for learning more. Thanks for all your posts and hard work.

Keith Ralfs


Sydney, Australia - 04/20/12 Very interested engineer & visionary

Peter Hogstrom

Saltsjobaden, Sweden - 04/17/12 like to be a member. Im a science-teacher at high-school in Sweden and would like to now more about  Phoenix Turbine Builders Club and try to use this in my classes




Thomas P. Moran


Las Vegas, NV - 04/15/12

Jose Antonio Arrizabalaga


Gijˇn, Asturias, Espa˝a - 04/09/12 (under construction) My enterprise is working in the construction of working Tesla Turbines. I┤d like to share information.

Blake Newton


Bristol, VA - 04/06/12 I would like to know more about this technology, so that I can teach this to others in my area.

carl nelson


Waiohinu, Hawaii - 03/27/12 eager to build concentrating solar device to heat ceramic kiln, generate electricity

Dan Caton


Fresno, CA - 03/07/12 Looking forward to learning all I can along with everyone else.

Peter Hobbs

Harare, Zimbabwe - 03/06/12 As we live in a country with severe power shortages and extended power cuts, due to load shedding, I am keenly following your articles referring to solar powered generators.

Charles Bearor


Fort Ann, New York - 03/05/12

Saul Manashe


Sweden - 03/03/12 I have been in development for the last 40 years and have been a consultant to many well known world wide companies. The last 10  years I have been rebuilding old Italian engines and cars. I think I have something to offer as I have worked with many electro-mechanical devices. I would like to participate in your endeavors. We own most machines for making good prototypes and have a good electronic workshop as well.

Carl Sheldon


Georgia Planes, Vermont - 02/29/12

Greg Sloan

Parkhurst, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - 02/09/12 and I am a renewable energy enthusiast with a particular passion for Tesla inventions and Stirling Engines. I would like to host monthly meetings and collaborate with like minded enthusiasts on various projects

Or Mini

Israel - 02/20/12

Or Nahmias


Mizpe Amuka, Israel - 01/29/23 found your website very informative and helpful

Michael Smith

Email unlisted

Ingham, Queensland, Australia - 01/07/12 I have been working with energy devices for 30 years now. I am going to build a High density energy storage system that will store 150 KW of energy. It is based on a Super Hot rock/cast Iron /ceramic tile with a external vacuum chamber to insulate it. I will have a flash boiler and Tesla Turbine running a 6 kw 3 phase alternator to run to my temporary battery and from there too a grid interactive inverter to feed my house and feed back into the grid. The extra energy from my solar panels, wind generator and solar Stirling engine   will drive 3 x 3 kw sauna elements to heat the core. I currently have a 3 Kw grid interactive solar system up and running. I am a Telecommunication Technician by trade and have a Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Danny Young



Alvaton KY - 01/02/12 I would like to join your group. I have built a solar condensing mirror pool heater and want to convert my 10' satellite dish to a steam turbine generator. Your site is very interesting. Has anyone converted a Wankel type engine to steam power? Is the Tesla turbine the very best to use for steam to electricity?
Thank You for your work.



Martinsburg, WV - 12/15/11 I am interested in joining the PTBC.  My name is Jim Lockhart.

Kare Steinsvik


Norway - 12/15/11 I originaly just wanted to get some ideas for my own steam generator project. But if you would allow me to joint your club, it would be very appriciated.

Julie Alley


Seattle, WA  11/23/11 I am very interested in creating one of these in my life.  Thanks for having the club!

Peter Bate

Greenbank, Queensland, Australia - 11/13/11 I would like to join PTBC. I got your details from William Anderson's newsletter. Best regards

Sparky Kidd


Charleston, SC - 10/31/11 I would like to become a member of the phoenix turbine builders. I am a new start up looking for a way to power Standup Surfboards and small electric boats.  This seems like an ideal solution to power my product.

Thomas Hungerford


Kissimmee, FL - 10/17/11 I am interested in on-grid renewable power as well as self-sufficiency.  The Tesla turbine with solar steam generation is of particular interest.

Greg Iven


Rio Rancho, NM - 09/29/11 I am a machinist and would like to post an ad to sell titanium and inconel disks which can be used to build tesla turbines.

TJ Brooks


Seminole, Fl  - 09/09/11 Please enroll me as a member of the PTBC

Ionescu Mihai


Bucharest, Romania - 09/02/11 I'm a student at the Electronics and Telecomunications University. I am researching on how to make an autonomous green house that could produce vegetables all year around. I am looking forward to start making a tesla generator that could supply electric energy to the sensors, control mechanisms and the central control monitor. I've read your published articles on the website but I cannot build the complete system without the schematics and of course your specialised help.  My current status as a student, and the fact that I live in a poor country can make you understand that I do not have a lot of money. I thank you for the time.

Kevin Danielson


Green Bay, WI - 08/10/11

Steve Steiner


Greenland, NH - Soon to be in VA (as of Sept 1!) - 08/09/11 I'm looking to produce  power on my new VA farm, and found your site while searching for  generators.

David Evans


San Diego, CA - 08/09/11 Very interested in the Tesla turbine, and its practical application.

Mufaddal Mirza


Karachi/Sindh/Pakistan - 08/02/11 We are working on project to use  Solar Thermal Technologies to generate Power for our Agricultural Farms  in Windher - Baluchistan. The average Power requirement of a typical  Farm is 20KW. Interested in serving as a Link to Commercialize  Laboratory & Pilot Scale Projects.

Michael Meredith


Springfield, VA - 08/02/11 Hi, I would like to join you...

Floyd Blevins


Owasso (will  be changing to Tahlequah soon), Oklahoma - 08/01/11 Hello! I'm glad to  have found you. I've been thinking for years about building a solar  power generator of my own design for years, and now that I've quit my  job and am going back to college to finish a music degree now seems to  be the perfect time. Integral to the design I have in mind is of course a Tesla turbine (two, actually), a Stirling engine and a 6 foot parabolic dish for proof of concept. - I've scoured the Internet for resources on Tesla turbines and found some good information, however there are some  specifics I'm still unsure of, so will be asking some questions (some  obvious and stupid most likely).

Mark Kinsel


Ellensburg, WA - 07/26/11

Rob Lawson

Email unlisted

Milford, Delaware - 07/18/11 Please sign me up for the Phoenix Turbine Builders Club

Jakob Esau

Email unlisted

Olds, Alberta, Canada - 07/18/11 I am interested in Tesla Bladeless Turbine technology.

Don Gollan


Camden, NSW, Australia - 07/06/11  I have search long and hard for a way  to explore this match up of technoligy with the idea of adding further  high tech stuff. Please let me in to the discussions and in touch with  Aussies with similar interests. I am interested, also in applications  for Christian Missions. My background is in efficient manufacturing of  motor vehicles and in design and building of machinery for packaging and conveyors. I am happy to provide more specific details in this regard.

Marty Readling


Davidson, NC - 06/27/11 Has anyone ever tried a Brayton cycle engine?  You'd have to have more than one stage for the turbine, and the feed pump to  get high enough mechanical efficiency for it to work, since the Brayton  cycle requires much more work by the feed pump, to compress the working  fluid.  There's work going on now at Sandia labs with supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles.  Very high thermal efficiencies, with  relatively high heat rejection temperatures, allowing smaller cheaper  heat exchangers, and better co-generation opportunities.

Carl Atchley


Twentyninepalms, CA - 06/02/11 I am interested in joining the club to get off the grid.

Andy Zehnder


Einsiedeln, Switzerland - 05/30/11

Nathan Collett


ROUSE HILL, NSW, Australia - 05/30/11 Interested in 10KW Grid-connected steam generation; most likely through evacuated tubes then parabolic trough.

Chuck Bagwell

Erie, MI USA - 05/22/11 A new energy source has been discovered.  I think a Tesla  Turbine/pump combo would be the perfect machine to take advantage of the E-CAT technology (see my website) I built my first small TT 20 years  ago and ran it at 10K RPM on compressed air.┬  I started looking for a cheap source of steam to run a bigger unit. I found it!┬  I am  looking for collaborators to help design and build a Tesla Turbo  Generator.  It will be around 1300 horse power and run on 700 PSI,  1000░ F Steam, at around 3,400 pounds per hour flow.  Since a TT  does not require superheat and can run on two phase flow, the latent  heat of condensation┬  can be Saved and pumped back to the 1 MW  thermal E-CAT boiler unit.  Do any of your members have the  necessary expertise for a project of this scope?

Mervyn Daye

St.Arnaud, Victoria, Australia - 05/22/11 I am interested in all things renewable energy.

Daniel Eng


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 05/13/11 I would like to join your club

Serge Shammas


Los Angeles, CA - 05/10/11 Extremely interested in self-sufficiency and  finding solutions for cheap energy for the general public.

George Lewis


Corpus Christi, TX - 05/09/11 living in Philippines for now

Eduardo Monzon


Arica, Chile - 05/06/11 I would like to take the classes on how to build the turbine

Teddy W. Ardi

Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia - 04/14/11 More knowledge of Tesla Turbine

Phil Davis


Saint Louis, Missouri - 04/02/11 Interested in building a functional Tesla generator for real world application.

Ray Smith

Dandenong North, Victoria, Australia - 03/26/11 I am very interested in  joining the club and look forward to your acknowledgment.

Alex Pinsky


Miami, Florida, USA - 03/20/11 I am interested in learning more about steam  power and getting of the grid... If there is a group in my area that  meets periodically, that would also be of interest.

Manarshhjot Singh


Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India

Anthony Mannix


Celbrdge, Co Kildare, Ireland - 03/05/11


Jim Van Buskirk


Austin, Texas - 02/24/11 I am interested in building a turbine for power  generation, experimenting with and improving efficiency, reliability and sustainability and finding an appropriate fuel source. The end goal is  for powering a localized, off-grid community of roughly 40 homes, and  then being able to showcase this as a blueprint for other rural and even larger infrastructures. This is independent research for a non-profit,  missionary cause. Thank you for your inspiration


Calvin Rodriguez


Escondido, California - 02/24/11 I am employed by the USMC at the Marine Corp  Recruite Depot, working in the machine shop as a maintance mechanic with out any machinist experience, (learning on the job). I have recently  discovered the web site and club as part of my research toward energy  cogeneration, ultimately hoping to get off the grid. I have purchased  the disc and begun crude fabrication without any direction. I'm very  eager to get my hands on the disc and the precious information, to save  me from having to reinvent the wheel.


Ryan Werner


Reed City, Michigan - 02/16/11 I am very interested in creating a  wood/biomass gasification cogeneration boiler using a Tesla Turbine.

John Thomson

Email withheld

Oak Harbor, WA - 02/10/11 Your website has definitely sparked my interest  in the Tesla turbine and it's use for power generation. I have very  little mechanical skill or tools but I am looking forward to start  learning.


William Dominguez


Los Angeles, CA - 01/28/11 I found your site when I was looking for  information on torpedo burners and other water injected combustion  boiler technology. I was looking for an eco friendly way to use natural  gas in a combustion boiler to drive a small impulse or Tesla turbine.  The turbine would be coupled to a small generator┬  and the hot  exhaust gas would be used to produce additional electrical power using  thermoelectric power conversion chips. In your club's site I found that  Luis Mendon├ža's had already done this sans the thermoelectric  conversion. I would like to follow your site.


Richard Borschel


Balatonfured, 8230 Hungary - 01/21/11 An American retired in Hungary looking to  install solar collector to run Rankine powered Tesla turbine.


Wasim Baig


Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan - 01/19/11 Very interested in building a solar powered steam Tesla turbine generator, love the work you guys are doing


Brian Sponaugle


Arlington, VA - 01/19/11 I am interested in the Tesla Turbine but I do not have a machining background?


Khalid Javed


Canal Bank, Lahore, Pakistan - 01/16/11 I am a mechanical engineer with over  40 yrs of manufacturing experience in plant and machinery. Our country  is desperately short of power, with load shedding and breakdown  stretching to 8 - 10 hrs daily. I want to introduce this solar energy  project for self generation for homes and small businesses.


Devin Mcglochlin


Salt Lake City, Utah USA - 01/12/11 I am a mechanical engineering student at the University of Utah, and we are interested in building a Tesla  Turbine for our senior project. Any information would be helpful. Thank  you.


Zakariya Ali Al Salmi


Oman - 01/10/11 I like what you are doing it is a real great work--I look forward to joining and participating in the discussion/on-going development process...

Mr Colin Willis

Kaukapakapa, New Zealand - 01/07/11 I am endeavoring to increase the efficiency of rotary engines to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. I would like to live self sufficiently in the future as I believe this gives a true perspective on how life should be.




Ron Schmidt


Canby, Oregon USA - 12/30/10 I have 2 CNC machines, if anyone needs parts, we can custom build anything, have lots of experience building turbos, airfoils for turbines GE, working on a water purification plant that will need a small solar turbine-Gen unit that we can ship out to countries like Haiti that are devestated and little kids die because they do not have clean water

Jerrold Strickler


Corinth, Texas - 08/07/10 I am currently modifying a 10 feet 4 in  diameter satellite tv dish to be used as a parabolic solar concentrator. I am interested in trying to build a solar generator and in searching for Tesla turbines I found your site. I have also found some interesting articles on squirrel cage turbines that look like good potential heat to mechanical converters.

  The simplicity of the Tesla design fascinates me and your article on the spacing vs hp and torque indicates that Tesla engines may be the best solution for my project. I look forward to reading more at your web site.

Ms Rose White

Halifax, West Yorkshire, England

I've been interested in Tesla stuff for many years and have a lifetime in precision engineering and steam systems valve manufacture right back to doing an apprenticeship in an ancient factory with lineshafting powered by a big single gas engine. However I don't have facilities now but I have lots of ideas about Tesla turbines that I'd like to run by the club members. Halifax used to be a engineering town with many famous names in lathes and machine tools and machinery but they have all disappeared or amalgamated.

Wupu Huang


Wuhan, Hubei Province, China 09/21/10 I try to build the small Tesla Turbine Generator for people with low costs.

Sulaiman Quqa


Amman, Jordan - 10/22/10 I have a work shop with lots of hi-tech CNC's, i am working on a parabolic collector which is working great (, would like to make tesla turbine and link it with my system and see how it goes.

Jerry Fix


Ada, Michigan - 12/17/10 Hi group, I have been interested in the Tesla Turbine for a long time. I have been in the commercial refrigeration trade for 30 years. I always wanted to make a Tesla Turbine closed loop system using R123 and a solar concentrator. I live only 45 minutes from Lake Michigan, so we have a lot of cloudy days here. The turbine and bearings have to handle the heat and still be able to seal the R123 with no leaks.


Phoenix Turbine Builders Club