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Tesla Turbines


Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.

View Ken Rieli’s Gallery of Innovation - disc turbines & turbogenerators, solar parabolic dishes & troughs, combustion & exhaust treatment technologies, automotive drivetrains, UAV’s, joined wing aircraft designs & more...


New Turbine Workshop

Learn how to build your own closed-loop solar Tesla turbine permanent magnet generator system with instructor Ken Rieli.


Tesla Engine Builders Association

Fee-based membership; worthwhile Tesla turbine information, photos, projects. Download the latest TEBA newsletter here


Frank Germano's Tesla Turbine site

In-depth historical Tesla info, Tesla turbine projects


Jeff Hayes - Nikola Tesla: Disk-Turbine Research


Sterling D. Allan, CEO - (Pure Energy Systems) PES Network, Inc. "The best news and directory service on the net regarding cutting edge energy technologies."


Vitaliy (Russia) – Great web pages from a serious experimenter:

Tests for Tesla Valvular Conduit

Tesla steam Turbine

Tesla gas Turbine

Tesla water pump


Robert O'Brien, OBI Laser Products

Acrylic Tesla turbine demonstrator videos. 


Steve Redmond's Tesla turbine from castings

Includes overview of Tesla turbines


Bruce Simpson's Gas Turbine Go-kart Project  

Great links page!


Tesla Turbines (Whole Earth) 


Steve Elswick's Tesla Turbine Info 

Articles by Ken Rieli in "Extraordinary Technology" magazine (July August September 2003 issue)


Lindsay Publications Inc. 

The Tesla Turbine, from Popular Mechanics Magazine December 1911 by E. F. Stearns


Twenty First Century Books 

Tesla-related books, research papers & links


The Tesla Boundary Layer Turbine 

Alan Swithenbank


Dan White  


Google Directory - Science > Technology > Energy > Devices > Tesla Turbines 


Open Directory - Science: Technology: Energy: Devices: Tesla Turbines 


Tesla Turbines – Teacher’s Paradise,145734.75.html




Northwest Steam Society - members build, restore & operate steamboats, vehicles, locomotives, traction engines & industrial machinery

Solar tracking


Solar power




Pulse jets



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