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Great tips on Tesla turbines by Ken Rieli!
NEW on YouTube: “Tesla Steam Turbogenerator Assembly Tips by Ken Rieli - Part 1: #579”
  • Steam generator water drains
  • Key to running bearings at high speed
  • Wiring stators in series/parallel to change output voltage
  • Oil cooled alternator tips
  • Overcoming super magnets’ hold
  • How to achieve gas tight joints at nozzle inlets
  • MORE!

Other recorded interviews with designer Ken Rieli feature topics that every DIY renewable energy producer should know:

  • Construction, purpose & assembly of economy nozzle & “power boost” dual nozzle
  • Tesla turbine efficiency, multi-ports, IC controls
  • Ken’s early turbogen design vs. CD turbogen, bearings, oiling
  • Tesla turbine disc size, number of discs, multi-porting, tips on ideal nozzles
  • Tesla turbine disc diameter formula, power boost, starting pressure
  • Principles of pulse detonation engines


Do-it-yourself Plans!

DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD - Digital download!

Order our ZIP plans using PayPal & save $26!

Build Ken Rieli’s closed-loop solar steam & ORC Tesla turbine-permanent magnet generator from plans! Solar/biomass/waste heat.


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$70 USD


New Turbine Workshop

NTW members! Exclusive video!

VIDEO! Working Tesla turbine generator designed & built by Ken Rieli.

Online hands-on training in renewable energy systems - Sun, Wind & BioFire.  Course instructor: Ken Rieli

  • Free how-to videos with your purchase of the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD!
  • Learn turbogenerator construction, how to build the front end (e.g. solar troughs), solar tracking, power management, renewable heat and more.



FREE Technical Information

Free downloads here. How-to construction articles, Tesla turbine project photos, drawings & more - from 2001 through 2013. BROWSE ARTICLES


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