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Founder, Ken RieliWelcome!

The Phoenix Turbine Builders Club is a FREE resource, open to anyone who wants to build & experiment with the online Tesla turbine projects.

Subjects covered in our articles include:

  • low cost engine cases, bearings, shafts
  • energy sources
  • fuels
  • combustion techniques
  • applications

Just start at the beginning and print the pages to study as you build your projects. The drawings and information are intended to stimulate experimentation and ultimately to provide clean motive power.

The first Tesla turbine project begins with a series of articles written by Ken Rieli, CEO at Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.  and chairman of the Global Motive Power Revolution. In addition to exploring principles of boundary layer turbines, Ken has developed a low-horsepower Tesla turbine into a solar ORC/steam CHP system to cut the costs of heating & electrical power.

In order to make this solar turbo-generator project a reality we offer Tesla turbine plans CD’s!

We’d like to hear from you as you experiment with our 4.5-inch Experimenter's Tesla Turbine, our 7-inch steam/ORC turbogenerator - or as you work out the bugs on your own unique projects!


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Goals of the Phoenix Turbine Builders Club:

  • Share basic turbine building concepts, tips & practices
  • Enable individuals with small shops & simple machine tools to build high-efficiency Tesla turbines
  • Provide a platform for other designers, engineers, hobbyists to share what they know
  • Empower individuals to start their own “democratic industries” based on our proprietary know-how

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Phoenix Turbine Builders Club