7" Tesla Turbogen CD

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Cut your energy bills - and your dependence on centralism



Build this $15K pressurized gas Tesla turbogenerator for under $500!


Turbine + Alternator - All in one case!


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The perfect engine design

After 10 years of intensive development, Ken Rieli has introduced his 7-inch pressurized gas Tesla Turbogenerator design. Modes of operation include:

  • compressed air
  • open-loop steam
  • closed-loop steam
  • closed-loop ORC fluids

FACT: This turbogenerator’s oiling system never achieves temperatures high enough to break down oils. (300-400 degrees F maximum from solar trough). So, no carbon buildup as is common in other engines.

“I refer to my recent order of the DIY Tesla Turbo Generator Project CD and I would like to express my high appreciation of the quality of the material received. That makes a mechanical engineers heartbeat accelerate! And that's all for only $70.00!” - Ernst R. Wallmann

Includes New Turbine Workshop classes with designer/instructor Ken Rieli


Start building your solar thermal or biomass power plant - one step at a time through the New Turbine Workshop!. Turbogenerator parts & materials cost under $500 USD at this date - and with a bit of scrounging, some of you may be able to significantly reduce this expense.


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Mail-able CD:

DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD

Price: USD $49.95 plus $0.00 shipping & handling ANYWHERE

  • Operates on BOTH steam and ORC fluids!
  • All-in-one case! Tesla turbine & permanent magnet alternator!
  • Bonus! Two MORE Tesla turbine plans are on this CD! - Experimenter’s 4.5” DIY Tesla Turbine & Improved 4.5” Tesla Turbine!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Visit our Tesla Turbine FAQ page for answers to technical questions.

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