Copper Country

Rebuilding the Copper Country on Democratic Industries


Once the epicenter of a worldwide copper boom, Michigan’s Keweenaw peninsula is now an economically challenged area that lies at the end of the world.

Like the still-rich but  abandoned copper mines, its population is ready for revitalization – and the key is energy mining. Ask the folks in Mohawk, MI who endured recent power outages during severe winter storms - it makes sense to produce your own electricity using Yooper energy resources: sun, wind, water & fire.

Our technology-rich company is transferring know-how through demonstrations, education & a strategy of democratic industry built on 100% renewable energy. In June 2014, PNGinc became a partner company in Copperland Corporation’s “Pathway to Economic Freedom” alliance.

Unlike the usual economic development pathway that attracts greed-centric industrial giants to create a handful of local jobs at the expense of our way of life in the U.P., we are moving to demonstrate a new approach – democratic utilities and garage-level businesses that transform the Keweenaw economy into a center of global industry.


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