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This is the guy who invented the lunar tire, the mercury ion laser, the small industrial ATV...


Ken Rieli, CEO WorldKar Corporation & PNGincKen Rieli began creating Space Age technologies in the 1960’s with his breakthrough Lunar Rover traction system. That first project went to the moon, and grew into an impressive history of design, development & testing... hybrid hydraulic drivetrains, advanced HEV systems, turbine engines, solar ORC turbogenerators, and much more.

Acting on his conviction that the world is ready for a new prime mover, Ken launched a 7-year development effort that has gone where no engine manufacturer has ever set foot. – In January 2007 his R&D company successfully demonstrated its first-level prototype of the “engine that cleans the air as it operates”.

Like a powerful vacuum cleaner, the Phoenix PDT Turbine ingests particulate matter & toxic hydrocarbons, drawing them in and rendering them into nontoxic gases. Using Ken’s proprietary ultra-lean Pulse Detonation Combustion cycle, up to 99.99% of ANY fuel is burned - including combustible materials suspended in incoming air!

When cash-strapped governments called for a moratorium on global warming emissions cuts, Ken turned up the heat & announced the formation of a new automotive company to set the standard in fuel economy – the WorldKar™ Corporation.

Ken’s vision for global change involves more than technology. He sees a space-age lifestyle based on abundance for all, and it begins with Free Energy from the Sun:

     “I am both a founder & CEO of two New World companies: Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc., and WorldKar™ Corporation. My most important job at these companies is to create global strategies for the adoption and adaptation of technical solutions to the world's most pervasive disorder - the gradual elimination of our breathable oxygen content.”
     “My view of the globe and where it was headed changed dramatically when I read Al Gore's book, Earth in the Balance. After realizing this was no hoax, I immediately began applying my expert knowledge of engines and vehicle systems to solving our worst global problems. I soon realized that little or nothing was being done by industries around the world to develop new engine types to harness the power of the sun in the most efficient manner.”
     “At PNGinc we have developed turbogenerator units that could power the entire planet solely from the sun. Building on that success, we are presently developing vehicle solutions that deliver very high efficiencies at extremely low costs. The world is on the verge of being completely revolutionized through technologies developed in small, unknown companies such as ours!”

Ken Rieli, CEO



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