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Pathway to Economic Freedom alliance donates wind turbine component to school

Release date: 01/11/2015

Copperland donates wind generator mount to school

Copperland Corporation donated a rooftop mount for the student wind generator project underway at Horizons school in Mohawk, Michigan.

Student project leader Konrad Lester accepted the steel mount, designed to secure his wind generator against fierce Keweenaw county winds, which often blow across nearby Lake Superior. Years ago a vertical axis wind turbine blew to pieces on top of the county’s Brockway Mountain during a wind storm.

The wind turbine project is generating local interest. Keweenaw county residents currently pay the highest electric rates in the USA (outside of Hawaii), and are looking for reliable, low-cost alternatives.

PNGinc is a partner company in Copperland Corporation’s “Pathway to Economic Freedom” alliance.

Vertical-Axis Micro-wind Generators Present Small-to-Medium Enterprise Opportunity

Release date: 10/18/2014


PNGinc is building two vertical axis micro-wind turbines for demonstrations in our New Turbine Workshop, and as a focal project for training new democratic industrialists at Copperland Corporation’s Wind Energy Workshops. A rooftop prototype will provide initial data, while a second pole-mounted version will be a product demonstrator.

Built as a kit by do-it-yourself customers, this vertical-axis wind generator takes full advantage of low-wind conditions, is bird-friendly & offers customizable blades for personalization.

The micro-wind turbine is rated at 1.2-1.5kW and mechanical system parts provided to energy saving customers are expected to cost roughly $1,500 or less.

In the Copper Country region where we are introducing this small industry opportunity, average wind speeds are 5.6-6.4 m/s. PNGinc’s testing program will determine exact output at these wind speeds during the coming year.

Electric rates are the highest in the nation in our project region. The average residential electricity rate in Laurium, Michigan is 19.36 cents – and power outages during 2013-14 winter storms focused even more attention on a growing problem with centralized grid utilities. These factors provides a strong incentive for people to build their own wind turbine for a $283 annual savings on their average $1,140 electric utility bill.

For each micro-wind turbine installed, we expect to cut 408 pounds of CO2, 2.08 pounds sulfur dioxide, and 1.36 pounds nitrogen oxide per day (averaging 4 hours per day in this region). This will help move Michigan from dependence on importing fossil fuels. Currently the state imports 9 percent of its petroleum needs, 82 percent of natural gas, and 100% of coal & nuclear fuel.

A sign-up form is coming soon to PNGinc’s Land of Liberty blog.

Pathway to Economic Freedom Alliance

Release date: 06/17/2014

Copperland Wind Workshop

As a partner company in Copperland Corporation’s “Pathway to Economic Freedom” alliance, PNGinc licenses its proprietary technologies to a new generation of manufacturing industrialists.

First on deck in this initiative is a vertical-axis micro-wind generator, designed by PNGinc’s CEO Ken Rieli. Built as a kit by DIY customers, this wind turbine takes full advantage of low-wind conditions.

U.P. entrepreneur Randall Lester (Laurium, MI) is being trained at our workshop in fabricating techniques prior to launching his new business. Details about the wind turbine are posted on our New Turbine Workshop site, and you can follow project videos on the Copperland Corporation YouTube channel at


Tech transfer to Fuel the New Economy: Introducing the engine of change

Release date: 11/10/2013

Munising, Michigan - PNGinc and WorldKar Corporation are collaborating to create new democratic industries that will fuel economic growth.

Decades of technology innovation in automotive, aerospace, renewable energy & marine propulsion are being prepared for garage-level industrialists. Key technologies not found within big industry are being boiled down to how-to construction & assembly manuals that will kick start a new economy.

To start the ball rolling, company founder & designer Ken Rieli has chosen the best of his technology - his PDT pulse detonation turbine “engine that cleans the air” - to license to serious manufacturers. This eternal engine, which never needs to be melted down & rebuilt, is able to lower the cost of all modes of transportation while restoring oxygen to Earth’s polluted atmosphere.

Recent reports by industry analysts place the cost of entry into automotive engine manufacturing between $500 million to over $1 billion USD. Interested parties should bear this in mind when contacting us about this licensing opportunity.

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