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Drexel Haddock mine slideshow, Keweenaw MI

Drexel Mine Slideshow

“Drexel Mine: Amygaloid Mining Company 1860-1868”

Drexel Mine History

Organized in July 1860, with a capital stock of $500,000 this company began copper mining on the S. E. of Sec. 16, T. 58, R. 30 in Keweenaw County, Michigan. Originally part of the Connecticut mines group, later known as the Amygdaloid or Delaware.

Drexel-Haddock copper mine, Keweenaw county MichiganThree fissure veins were worked by the Amygdaloid Mining Company, but the main mine is in what was called the Drexel, south of the greenstone. Along the Drexel fissure were 5 shafts - the Glen, Drexel-Haddock, Denkla, Womak & Fales - four of which were over 600 feet deep.

Historical records describe an impressive effort & expenditure on the part of this company to successfully mine this area. In 1862 a forest fire destroyed the stamp mill, sawmill, miner’s change house & housing. At that time the settlement also included an inclined railroad, rock house, drum house, and winding & pumping machines.

Drexel-Haddock abandoned copper mine ruins, Keweenaw MichiganDisaster struck again in 1864. By this time, agent A.C. Davis  had supervised reconstruction & improvements to the site, including a stone stamp mill & boiler house. As production was ramping up & copper prices soared to their highest, a drunken engineer caused both boilers to explode.

Maximum production occurred in 1865, but a combination of high labor & transportation costs took the wind out of profits. The Drexel Amygdaloid group of mines was worked by tributers from 1866-1868 when mining operations ceased.

One hundred fifty years have past, and the elements, man’s neglect and the Upper Peninsula forest have obliterated most traces of the ruins. During our 2013 abandoned mine shaft surveys in Keweenaw county, we located shaft markers & ruins of the Drexel-Haddock & Glen shafts plus an assortment of pits, trenches & rock piles.

We propose that these historic sites should be preserved for future generations, with trails, signs & representative structures along walking trails.

Contact us if you agree.


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