District Heating

Harnessing geothermal energy in abandoned Copper Country mines


Rebuilding Michigan’s Upper Peninsula through Democratic Industry & Economics

Solar District Heating Systems

At a time when most cities are struggling to keep the lights on & public services available, communities in Michigan’s upper peninsula are on the brink of energy independence and economic recovery.

U.P. entrepreneur Ken Rieli has formulated an industrial strategy that begins with tapping abandoned mine water for “free energy” geothermal district heating/cooling.

By storing solar heat in water-filled mines, the Copper Country can surpass Iceland (at 80% renewables) as the most energy sustainable area in the world!

  • An eternal geothermal infrastructure provides heat forever.
  • Local energy resources must be democratically owned as nonprofit utilities—in order to keep heating bills low.
  • Free Energy for heating lowers overhead and attracts new businesses.

PNGinc proprietary turbogenerator & heat pump technologies make the task of setting up an efficient Solar District Heating System (SDHS) easy.

Democratic Utilities

Local energy resources must be democratically owned as nonprofit utilities - in order to keep heating bills low. We plan to demonstrate efficiencies while creating new manufacturing opportunities for Copper Country democratic industrialists.

Every town in Michigan’s Copper Country is located near an abandoned copper mine, ready to supply 100% renewable energy for community heating. Our renewable energy strategy includes solar heat collected at each building & pumped to mines, low-profile micro-wind generators, biomass steam turbogenerators where appropriate, and “water drop” or hydraulically compressed air turbines.

Read Community-owned Utilities: Pathway to Quality of Life from the Copperland Corporation website


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