Delaware Mine

Space-age Mining Technologies to Unlock Copper Treasures

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Once a mighty engine of economic growth in the frontier area of Michigan’s Keweenaw peninsula, the debt-ridden Delaware copper mine closed its doors in 1887. Some analysts concluded that faltering copper prices during economic recession was to blame for the company’s failure. Others pointed to “poor quality rock”.

1881 vertical section of Delaware mineUnfortunately, a succession of Delaware mine manager stuck to unprofitable mechanical methods of mineral extraction & ore processing instead of moving forward into highly efficient electrochemical processing techniques & cutting-edge electric motors.

Later opportunities to re-open the Delaware group of mines could have resulted in profitable operations if new management had taken advantage of of scientific discoveries by a famous Serbian-American on the East Coast.

“In the early 1900's, Nikola Tesla (inventor of the polyphase electric motor and many well-known technologies) designed, developed & demonstrated a new engine. His new engine was designed to deliver more horsepower per pound than any engine of the day, without the high pollution levels.”
From Ken Rieli’s “Nikola Tesla: 20th Century Genius


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