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Dana Mining Company, 1851-1857

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The Dana Mining Company’s location was east of the Northwestern mine, west of the Summit, and south of the Copper Falls mines in Houghton  township. The property extended from the top of the greenstone ridge,  one and a quarter miles to the south, being the E of Sec. 24 and the  N. N. E. Sec. 25, T. 58 R. 31.

In 1851 several transverse fissure veins were discovered and mining  was begun in the most northwesterly one by an adit and three shafts  being driven and sunk. Number 3 shaft was near the greenstone. Number 2  shaft was 371 feet south, and number 1 shaft (recorded as 90 feet deep)  was 282 feet south. The adit was 780 feet long.

This West vein proved to be poor, as depth was attained, and was abandoned in 1853.

Work began on the East vein in 1854. Although the new Dana proved  somewhat better, it was nevertheless deemed an unproductive mine. All  mining was discontinued in 1857 and the mines were abandoned.

Our field surveys revealed two amazingly deep filled shafts, plus an  assortment of exploratory pits & trenches in the East vein area. One shaft can be described as an “ant lion” hole. It is advisable to stay  well clear of the edge to prevent an accidental & unstoppable slide  to the soft bottom - where you may encounter the shaft opening beneath a layer of forest debris!

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