Space-age Mining

Space-age Mining using Fusion Power


Keweenaw copper
“The real Keweenaw copper boom hasn’t happened yet! Probably 90% or more of the metals here are still unrecovered.”
Ken Rieli, CEO

Raw materials to finished products

Rebuilding the Copper Country brochureA growing global population is demanding metals in record quantities - copper for moving water resources, manganese for producing high-grade steel, aluminum, zinc & other minerals that must be sustainably & economically mined.

By using free fusion power from the sun, it is now cost-effective to pull every atom of valuable metal out of rock. PNGinc’s founder & CEO, Ken Rieli, has spent decades developing free energy turbomachinery which can power this mining revolution. He is now pouring all his efforts into creating a space-age mining strategy that will revitalize Michigan’s upper peninsula with profitable & lasting industry.

Highlights  of our New World industrial strategy:

  • NEW solar CHP (combined heat & power) engines that are much more efficient than earth-based fusion power, wind, or petro-fuels.
  • NEW methods of locating metallic masses.
  • Electrochemical techniques to process new ores & reprocess recycled metals.
  • Low-cost linear solar grid arrays (10-kW turbogenerators each) to supply electrical power, compressed air, heat/steam at the point of use.
  • Tesla pumps driven by free fusion power generators to dewater mines, deliver hydropower to drive Phoenix turbogenerators, and act as a centrifuge (for example, to separate gold from slurry in other mining regions).
  • Empowering individuals with personal power in a democratic industry model.


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