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Engines for a Democratic Economy, interview with Ken Rieli

At this tipping point in Earth's climate-energy-health crisis, activists must shift their focus to creating a practical Horizontal Economy based on decentralized industry & personal power.

The fossil fuel-oriented Vertical Economy has come close to permanently destroying our life-support systems. Satanic policies in every government of the world support a handful of rich at the expense of an oppressed population at the base of the economic pyramid.

PNGinc presents solutions: Opportunities for democratic industries range from Space-age Mining to Solar Micro-CHP and Micro-wind Turbines. Eco-sustainable, profitable mining & product manufacturing ventures can now create 21st century jobs using our free solar fusion engines, micro-wind generators & other proprietary technologies.

A prime example of democratic utilities is our Copper Country solar district heating program using ready-made geothermal heat banks of abandoned mines.

Technical Solutions

Our technical solution is to provide the new Prime Mover - the engine that cleans the air - as well as new personal power & transportation products for the emerging economy.

For DIY’ers we supply How-to build plans for Ken Rieli’s steam/compressed air turbogenerator - Step One in your move to energy independence.

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