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Ken Rieli’s advanced weapons systems gallery.

“I have no doubt you can do it - and no doubt whatever that you are correct. Big is not better, and UAVs are central to future combat... You sound like someone who sets his own compass.”
Col. Anthony Wood, Commanding Officer, USMC Warfighting Lab


Ken Rieli’s 2-man crew extreme-mobility ATV concept was displayed & promoted by a U.S. chief of staff in 1994 as a solution to resolve the Bosnian conflict. Ken’s pre-911 UAV Wars presentation attracted the attention of U.S. government decision-makers. - Ken’s advanced weapons systems designs are well worth exploring.


Ken Rieli's 8-wheel ATV model

Extreme mobility ATV model

Our experience in all-terrain vehicle systems design dates back to the 1960's. In 1963  Ken Rieli came up with a unique personal all-terrain vehicle concept design & prototype. Shown here is a model of his design.

ATV prototype by Anthony Rieli

Third generation ATV prototype design by Ken’s father, Anthony Rieli.

MACV combat prototype, LTV Aerospace

MACV in combat mode - LTV Aerospace, Sterling Hts. MI

Ken’s first concept design was later developed by LTV Aerospace into the MACV and KID all-terrain vehicles. LTV’s two ATVs were both used in military & agricultural applications, and Ken Rieli did extensive test driving of the prototypes.

MACV prototype in front of LTV Aerospace plant

8-wheel MACV in front of plant. LTV Aerospace, Sterling Hts. Michigan - 1960's.

MACV cargo carrying demonstration, LTV Aerospace

Cargo carrying MACV produced by LTV Aerospace Corp. In 1969 Ken  participated in prototype vehicle assembly and vehicle performance testing at their Sterling  Heights, MI plant.

KID prototype, no hill was too steep

KID vehicle, LTV Aerospace


KID prototype, sealed hull enabled ATV to swim

KID vehicle, LTV Aerospace

All terrain vehicle testing - 1960’s KID easily handled flood situations. Designed for maneuverability in Southeast Asian swamps.

Ken Rieli's 2-man crew ATV concept

Phoenix Missile Delivery System

In 1994 Ken Rieli proposed to U.S. Government officials technologies to resolve the Bosnia crisis. A U.S. Chief of Staff later demonstrated a scale  model of our solution in an interview aired on national TV, as the most  effective approach to the problem.

Ken’s concept design utilizes a  small number of reconnaissance patrols, closely coupled with a modest  number of small, fast, highly-maneuverable missile carriers -- working  together to target & deliver a substantial payload with lightning  speed & precision.

For ultimate mobility &  maneuverability, Ken  expanded on his original 1960's ATV design.  This 2-man-crew machine uses proprietary suspension and drivetrain  design to out-maneuver and out-drive ANY VEHICLE in ANY class.

PAWS, Phoenix Advanced Warfighting System

PAWS: Autonomous robotic ground warriors.

In 1998, Ken Rieli proposed the "Phoenix Advanced Warfighting System",  which included his designs for a low-cost, multi-purpose,  reconfigurable, highly mobile, unmanned, front line war fighting  platform.

Ken’s PAWS concept is being actively pursued & developed by U.S. defense contractors for future warfighting, and is the basis of the annual DARPA autonomous vehicle contest.

Ken Rieli presented UAV Wars strategy to U.S. government before 911

Pre-911 UAV Wars slideshow by Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.

Shown here is a critical part of PNGinc's two-man crew Phoenix Missile Delivery System. Autonomous Phoenix UAVs are launched from robotic ground vehicles.

Phoenix UAV on UGV by Ken Rieli

Phoenix UAV on robotic ground vehicle

With more than half of the world's countries actively developing UAV and other robotic systems for warfighting, the day of the robot war  scenario is rapidly approaching. The ancient skill of hand-to-hand  combat will soon be replaced by technology wars in which battles and  wars will be won by depleting the opponent's technical resources -- not  human resources.

Beyond defense applications, Ken's autonomous  vehicles may be useful for inspection work over rough terrain  (pipelines, power lines), environmental & toxic site monitoring,  search & rescue work, and assorted dangerous/rough-terrain  situations.

Command & control ATV concept by Ken Rieli

Ken's 8-wheel C4I ATV design features rugged all-wheel drive & proprietary long-travel suspension for peak performance. Quickly deployable, this all-terrain truck carries enough firepower to take out a tank battalian over the horizon.

UAV Wars II, securing borders with low-cost, robust, high-performance UAVs by PNGinc

UAV Wars II: Operation Flaming Sword

An enemy which is unseen is an enemy that can attack with impunity. To effectively defend against a massive “Pearl Harbor” style attack using modern day UAV’s or cruise missiles, covert surveillance is the first line of defense.

In a 2005 white paper, PNGinc proposed a border security demonstration project based on its low-cost, high-performance Phoenix InterSceptor/Destroyer UAV concept.

Congressman Bart Stupak took the document to Washington DC to promote border security in the Great Lakes region.




Ken Rieli’s advanced gun sight design


Ken also designed new & unique bolt locking mechanisms for semi-automatic rifles.

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