Ken Rieli’s gallery of innovations.

From lunar rover traction systems to ultra-efficient hybrid electric vehicles - 45+ years  of automotive innovation. Hyper-efficient hybrid turbine electric  powertrains, hybrid turbine-hydraulic drivetrains, HEV power management  systems, extreme-mobility all-terrain hybrid vehicles, autonomous lunar  vehicles, all-wheel drives, anti-rollover active suspension systems & more


New transportation that Cleans the Air!

Ken Rieli's lunar roving vehicle, non-pneumatic tires

Ken Rieli's Lunar Roving Vehicle models, invented and developed in 1963 -1964, used the first non-pneumatic tire design. His straightforward  approach to LRV traction systems was put through exhaustive testing and  proven to work. Elements of his designs were later copied by GM’s  engineers for NASA. Ken's original design worked then, and it will work  flawlessly on any extraterrestrial expedition.

Combined with  PNGinc's anti-collision navigation & guidance system, our new lunar  rover design can carry out the mission of remote/autonomous exploration  of our nearest neighbor.

Low-cost agricultural ATV by Ken Rieli

Low-cost agricultural ATV

Today PNGinc has fuel-flexible designs for low-cost farm machines that  can empower developing countries in self-sufficient crop production. In our vision for a sustainable future, every village must own &  operate a low-cost all terrain vehicle to facilitate the tasks of  plowing, irrigation & harvesting.

3D engine instrumentation model by Ken Rieli

3D engine instrumentation

Designed & modeled by Ken Rieli.

Ken Rieli's boundary layer torque converter design

Boundary layer axial torque converter bv Ken Rieli

PNGinc's axial oriented torque converter uses fluid adhesion and  boundary layer dynamics in both the pump and motor stages. The input and output shafts spin independently of each other, using the fluid to  transmit energy from the pump stage to the motor stage. The pump shaft  (front assembly) is rotated by an engine, motor, etc. forcing fluid  upward and into the valve body. The top-most valve lever is rotated to  divert pressurized fluid into:

  • Forward motor channel
  • Reverse motor channel
  • Both (dynamic neutral lock)

Side levers control nozzle dynamics for increased efficiencies in the motor stage (rear assembly).

Phoenix active suspension system by Ken Rieli

Phoenix active suspension system

At the end of 2005, 30% of road fatalities in the U.S. were due to  rollovers. The predictable government response to this alarming problem  was to require stronger roofs on sport utility vehicles -- the chief  offenders. Truck and SUV manufacturers, on the other hand, are faced  with pressure to increase fuel economy. For them, this means "lighten  the vehicle" to squeeze out more miles per gallon. For the rest of us,  this approach increases the likelihood of rollover fatalities.

One of PNGinc's older active suspension systems (designed for high  performance ATV's) could be applied to SUV's and light trucks, as well  as Class 8 trucks & heavy equipment.

Differential distributive power drive by Ken Rieli

Differential distributive power drive by Ken Rieli


Hydrostatic drive design by Ken Rieli

Ken Rieli’s hydrostatic drive design


In-hull hydrostatic drive by Ken Rieli

In-hull hydrostatic drive concept, PNGinc

Kinetic Energy Drive by Ken Rieli

Phoenix KED Kinetic Energy drive

PNGinc designed the Phoenix KE (kinetic energy) Drive - a new  turbine-hydraulic hybrid drivetrain - to be a drop-in replacement for  piston engines and mechanical drivetrains in standard cars, hybrid  vehicles, heavy equipment and marine applications. 

This design is a low  cost alternative to higher-priced hybrid vehicles - with a much more  advanced engine than anything yet offered.

In addition to  building on our experience in hydrostatic drives, we also pulled  together years of R&D work into the project design. The engine is  comprised of key proprietary technologies:

  • PNGinc’s improved boundary layer disk turbine
  • Phoenix PDC - pulse detonation combustion
  • Phoenix UCB ultra-clean pyrocatalytic burner 

Euro-style class 8 truck by Ken Rieli

European style class 8 truck

Ken packed this truck design with turbine power, a glass cockpit, hydrostatic drive & much more.

Euro style class 8 truck, Ken Rieli

Euro-style class 8 truck by Ken Rieli

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