Disc Turbines

Ken Rieli’s gallery of innovations.

World leader in new generation turbines, ultra-efficient  disc turbogenerators, closed-loop pressurized gas turbine generators, hyper-efficient pulse detonation turbine engines, steam Tesla turbines, solar ORC turbogenerator.


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The Engine of the 21st Century

Ken Rieli's ORC disc turbogenerator, version III

See Ken's turbine GO at YouTube!

Prototype of Ken Rieli’s closed-loop Organic Rankine Cycle disc turbogenerator, version III All in one turbine-permanent magnet alternator, approximately 1-kW output.

Featured at the online New Turbine Workshop solar trough-turbogenerator project.

10" Experimenter's disc type Turbine designed by Ken Rieli

Experimenter's 10" Tesla Turbine

Featured on the online Phoenix Turbine Builders Club. Free technical how-to articles include CAD generated images & detailed construction tips.

10-inch Tesla turbine design by Ken Rieli

PNGinc’s 10-inch Tesla turbine

Compressed air prototype of Ken Rieli's 10" Tesla turbine. This turbine became the testbed for experiments that resulted in 30% higher efficiencies over traditional Tesla turbine designs.

Compressed air tests on Ken Rieli's 10" Tesla turbine

Compressed air tests on Ken Rieli's 10" Tesla turbine.

Front view, Ken Rieli's 10" Tesla turbine

Front view, improved efficiency 10-inch disc turbine by PNGinc. Ken improved the turbine efficiency by 30% over Nikola Tesla's original design.

Top view,  Ken Rieli's 10" Tesla turbine

Top view of PNGinc's 10" compressed air disc turbine during testing.

Ken Rieliís ORC disc turbogenerator

Ken Rieli’s ORC Tesla turbogenerator

This unit was designed by PNGinc & shipped to University of Graz, Austria as part of our PTBC Beta Program.

Phoenix micro-power plant, design by Ken Rieli

Phoenix Microturbine Power Plant

PNGinc's disc turbine based power generator design

PNGincís 4.5-inch Experimenterís Tesla Turbine

PNGinc’s Experimenter’s Tesla Turbine

Compressed air/steam 4.5" disc turbine prototype. Features removable nozzle for experimentation. Detailed plans for this model are available in our product section - include CAD files, drawings & construction tips by designer/builder Ken Rieli.

PNGincís Experimenterís Tesla Turbine

4.5-inch Experimenter’s Tesla Turbine, side view

This industrial-quality Tesla turbine is great for experimentation using compressed air in your workshop or classroom. Design your own nozzles & observe efficiency.

PNGinc's disc turbine-hydraulic drive

PNGinc's disc turbine-hydraulic drive unit based on Ken Rieli’s pulse detonation turbine. This model used 10" rotors & was shown to a major auto maker - who should have jumped on the opportunity to secure our high-efficiency, low-cost powertrains. - Think fuel efficiency & Turbine Power, Detroit!

Ken Rieliís Level 1  pulse detonation turbine prototype

Ken Rieli’s 4.5” pulse detonation turbine prototype. PNGinc’s first level PDT prototype. After completion the unit was demonstrated to a group of engineers, later to a party of venture investors.

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