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Ken Rieli’s Gallery of Innovations.

Ultra-high efficiency solar thermal turbogenerator power! Low-cost, high efficiency personal wind turbines. Biofire furnaces with geothermal storage efficiency. Personal Power technologies.


New power for a new world!

Phoenix pressurized gas disc turbine generators by Ken Rieli

Powered by the Sun!

Phoenix steam/ORC (pressurized gas) disc turbogenerators have been developed to  empower emerging markets with Free Energy from the sun. - PNGinc  has perfected the turbogenerator component & offers Greentech  consulting/licensing and investor opportunities.

Phoenix Linear Solar Grid Array by Ken Rieli

1,000 MW Linear Solar Grid Array

Cheaper than coal! The Phoenix Linear Solar Grid Array is based on Ken Rieli's  "infinite life" 10-kW ORC turbogenerators & low-cost distributed  energy strategy. For ultra-high efficiency solar thermal power CHP  systems consulting contact PNGinc Greentech consultants.

Solar ORC appliance by Ken Rieli

Phoenix Solar Turbogenerator Appliance - Unlike PV’s, our thermal power technology  produces consistent,  non-degenerating power over its entire life span. Ultra-low maintenance, lasts a lifetime. Based on PNGinc's ORC turbogenerator technology..

Ken Rieli's solar trough featured at New Turbine Workshop

Through the online New Turbine Workshop  program, Ken Rieli is training a new generation to build solar troughs, solar turbine engines, personal wind turbines, and more!

Solar turbine generator system design by Ken Rieli

PNGinc's Solar Turbogenerator System - Designed in 2004 and featured in Ken Rieli's series of Phoenix Turbine Builders Club how-to articles.


Personal Wind Turbines - Low-cost Small Wind Power systems design & product development. Shown here is Ken Rieli’s first prototype vertical axis wind  turbine undergoing tests in PNGinc’s wind tunnel.

Ken Rieli's UCB Ultra Clean Burner prototype

Phoenix UCB Ultra-clean Burner - Designed, built & tested by Ken Rieli. Particulate-free combustion. Burns any carbon material at such a high efficiency point, no carbon particulates are emitted.

For complete combustion of hydrocarbon materials:

  • waste oils
  • coal & coal tailings
  • oil shale
  • tar sands

Boosting efficiency through pyrocatalytic gasification.

Heat recovery APU design by Ken Rieli

Low-cost heat recovery APU - The Phoenix APU solution recovers energy that is lost in diesel engine  waste heat and transforms it into usable electrical horsepower while the truck is in operation. The unit can also take a big bite out of the 830 million gallons of diesel fuel that truck engines consume each year as  they idle. APU can operate on either diesel fuel or zero-cost waste oil.

ORC ranking cycle Tesla turbine designed & built by Ken Rieli

Rankine cycle Tesla turbine - PNGinc provided technical assistance for a university effort aimed at  recovering waste heat from industry. The team set out to prove the  feasibility of using rankine cycle technology combined with a Tesla disk turbine supplied by PNGinc to produce electricity while preventing  thermal pollution in the Great lakes..

Concentrating solar reflector deisgn by Ken Rieli

Parabolic solar reflector designs - In addition to high-efficiency Phoenix Turbines, PNGinc has also developed a low-cost process for making extremely accurate, large parabolic  dishes. These FRP -- fiberglass reinforced plastic -- dishes are an  integral part of the dual-axis solar turbine-generator systems we  feature on our Phoenix Turbine Builders Club website.

To complete the system, our expertise in embedded systems & solar targeting  gives our solar-turbine generator design the high performance it needs  for a global market.

Solar furnace design by Ken Rieli

Solar furnace design - A Curnutt solar furnace design was examined in a Phoenix Turbine Builders Club article by Ken Rieli in 2005. Club member articles feature test & demonstration.

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