Ken Rieli’s Gallery of Innovations.

“A man with grit & vision is needed to break open the UAV issue and show the real potential which these systems have to offer - and not just in the military sphere... Go for it!”
Col. Anthony Wood, Commanding Officer, USMC Warfighting Lab


Global leader in unmanned X-plane development. Designing mission-critical systems since 1986. Ultra-stable personal aircraft & UAV’s,  anti-collision navigation & guidance, autonomous lunar vehicles,  space-age cockpit displays, vehicle instrumentation. (More images to  come...).


Enter the Space Age!

UCAV with canards by Ken Rieli


Ken’s first armed UCAV (uninhabited combat aerial vehicle) design featured canards

Stacked wing UAV design by Ken Rieli

PNGinc Stacked Wing UAV

Early canard design by Ken Rieli

Phoenix Jet I by Ken Rieli

Phoenix Jet I - Joined wing jet design

Phoenix Jet I by Ken Rieli, PNGinc

Phoenix Jet I on the runway

Phoenix Jet II, design by Ken Rieli

Phoenix Jet II - PNGinc's joined wing Phoenix Jet. Tested extensively in X-plane.

Phoenix Jet II model by Ken Rieli

Model of Phoenix Jet

Ken Rieli's joined wing Phoenix Jet design exceeded performance  expectations in computer simulation testing. Now in scaled prototype  phase.

Ken Rieli's joined wing, model 48

Ken Rieli's joined wing aircraft, model 48M

Phoenix UAV in X-plane, design by Ken Rieli

Phoenix UAV in X-plane, design by Ken Rieli

Joined wing aircraft, model 48L by Ken Rieli

Joined wing aircraft, model 48L, designed & tested in simulation by Ken Rieli

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Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.

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