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DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD

EMERGENCY POWER GENERATOR operates on BOTH steam and ORC fluids or compressed air!

NO NEED FOR A SEPARATE GENERATOR! This is a complete all-in-one Tesla turbine & permanent magnet alternator!


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MORE YouTube LIVE demos & construction tips for home machinists HERE

BONUS! Two MORE Tesla turbine plans are on this CD! - Experimenter’s 4.5” DIY Tesla Turbine & Improved 4.5” Tesla Turbine!

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Experimenter’s 4.5” Tesla Turbine Plans

Experimenter's Tesla Turbine plans


We’re giving away 1 million plans for Ken Riei’s Experimenter’s 4.5-inch Tesla Turbine! Download your copy of the ZIP file below - then study articles on this turbine at the Phoenix Turbine Builders Club site.

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LIVE demo, tips & Tesla turbine secrets on YouTube

LIVE demo on YouTube!

Steam turbogenerator Q&A interview with Ken Rieli


Full version on YouTube


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