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PNG Wind Turbine Plans

As the world reels from chronic political upheavals & a series of wars over resources, real people are enduring sacrifice on the local level. Unable to pay over-priced utility bills, they wait for the inevitable shut-off notice – and look for affordable alternatives.

PNGinc is prototyping & testing new micro-wind generators that are designed to be customer-built and can empower new garage-level industrialists with component manufacturing.

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Micro-wind turbine PM alternator basics by Ken Rieli, YouTube
YouTube Ken Rieli's micro-wind turbine PM alternator

"The most important part of wind turbine design is the right alternator that will deliver electrical current at low speeds." New Turbine Workshop instructor Ken Rieli demonstrates how to replace an electromagnet rotor (60% efficiency) in automotive alternator with a super PM permanent magnet rotor (up to 98% efficiency) for his micro-wind turbine.

Randall Lester atop NTW Personal Wind Turbine tower

Watch the NTW team erect the micro-wind generator tower!

DIY Rooftop or ground mounted Micro-wind generator

One of the renewable energy projects we are building at the New Turbine Workshop is a low-cost, low-wind Micro-wind Turbine designed by PNGinc’s CEO Ken Rieli.

The low-wind turbine is a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT). No matter which direction the wind shifts, the three “blades” are ready to catch it. – Conversely, gale winds will never cause over-revving because of the drag/lift balancing effect of VAWT designs.

A unique aspect of the NTW wind generator is that it is an impulse-type turbine – limited by the speed of the fluid. Low-value wind moves the chutes – it does not depend on lift to move the blades.

Follow our progress in New Turbine Workshop updates, read about the project in New Turbine Power newsletters at the free Phoenix Turbine Builders Club -


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