Solar Micro-CHP

Solar Combined Heat & Micro-turbine Power


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Tesla Turbogenerator Q&A #541: Economy nozzle & power boost dual nozzle - Ken Rieli explains construction, operation & assembly tips on his triple nozzle approach to improving performance.

Imagine electrical power and in-floor heating from a single solar engine system!

  • Blackout protection
  • Reliable solar power from low-value heat
  • Outperforms bladed turbines

Our infinite–life heat engine supplies approximately 1-kW continuous personal power.

When solar flares knock out PV panels & computerized “smart grids” - your turbogenerator keeps providing energy security. It does NOT require shielding against astronomical events!

Did you know? - PV (photovoltaic) panels lose efficiency every year. Our infinite-life Phoenix Solar Turbogenerators are as efficient in their 1,000th year of operation as they are on Day One.

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Purchase complete plans from the experts in low-cost turbogenerator technology that efficiently harnesses the heat of Earth’s solar fusion reactor.


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