Renewable Fire

Biomass/Geothermal combined heat & Power

NEW! Tesla Turbogen assembly tips by Ken Rieli

NEW! Tips from Ken Rieli - now on YouTube: "Tesla Turbogenerator Assembly Tips - Part 1 (from video #579."

  • Steam generator water drains
  • Key to running bearings at high speed
  • Wiring stators in series/parallel to change output voltage
  • Oil cooled alternator tips
  • Overcoming super magnets’ hold
  • How to achieve gas tight joints at nozzle inlets
  • MORE.
Biomass, geothermal - CHPDH efficiency

According to the U.S. EERE, nothing beats CHPDH (combined heat & power district heating) for energy efficiency.

PNGinc is developing two FIRE applications for our low-cost, infinite-life turbogenerators that are intended to stimulate new Democratic Industries:

Project analysis of Ken Rieli’s geothermal biofurnace - including his new “jet exhaust” system - can be found at the free Phoenix Turbine Builders Club..


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