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A Christian Socialist approach to health, wealth & self-determination


“The work we’re doing is a gift of God to the poor of the world.” - Ken Rieli, CEO

After completing decades of innovation & development in new energy & transportation technologies, we are now turning our efforts to empowering garage-level industrialists with technical plans that will restore the balance of the planet. The time has come to shift power from rich international monopolies to empowerment of individuals in a world that’s free from top-down extortion.

As the world brings itself closer to the point of extinction, there is still time to repent - time to build a system of Christian socialism.

Our approach to global problems includes industrial strategies as well as educational, technical & lifestyle programs that work for those at the bottom of the pyramid. A Christian socialist economy is based on shared wealth & space-age industries that spring from powers of the universe: solar fusion energy.

Our company supplies know-how relating to fusion transformers that harness solar heat, thermal engines for power & transportation, micro-wind generators, water power, renewable biomass & geothermal systems, and technical training for emerging democratic industries.

To view a partial list of Ken Rieli’s projects, prototypes, product concepts & climate-change technologies, browse our Gallery of Expertise.


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PNGinc is a Partner Company - Copperland Corporation’s Pathway to Economic Freedom coalition


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